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              Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder (PVA Powder)

              It is made from vinyl acetate through polymerization and alcoholysis, and is a white, stable, and non-toxic water-soluble polymer in the form of powder, flake, or flocculent solids.

              Product Description

              Analysis item

              Standard Requirement



              White or yellowish flaky, flocculent

              , granular, powdery solids

              Alcoholysis Degree (%)


              Viscosity (mpa · s)


              volatile matter (%)


              Ash (%)


              Purity (%)


              PH Value

              5  ~ 7

              Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder, also known as PVA Powder, is a versatile polymer with a wide range of applications, offering unique advantages across various industries.

              PVA-Polyvinyl Alcohol

              Applications and Advantages:

              Building Adhesive:
              Used in mortar adhesive, putty adhesive, and coating adhesive in the construction industry.

              Textile Pulp:
              Ideal for sizing pure polyester or polyester-cotton yarn, offering excellent adhesion and film-forming properties. Suitable for pure cotton yarn when combined with acrylic size.

              Besides construction adhesives, PVA is utilized with other chemical raw materials to produce various adhesives. It serves as a protective colloid in the production of white latex, applied in paper, wood, textiles, office adhesives, and high-end coating substrates.

              Fiber (Vinylon Fiber):
              Vinylon fiber, derived from PVA, includes staple fiber, high-strength, high-modulus fibers, and more. Widely used in building materials, rubber products, coated fabrics, and industries requiring higher strength industrial wires.

              Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB):
              PVB film is a key component in laminated glass for applications in building safety glass, automobile windshields, military bulletproof glass, solar cells, and solar receivers.

              Paper Making:
              Acts as a surface sizing agent, pigment binder, and beater additive, enhancing wear resistance, folding resistance, tear resistance, glossiness, smoothness, and printing adaptability of paper.

              Biodegradable PVA Film:
              Water-soluble PVA film is an environmentally friendly packaging material, leveraging PVA's film-forming and biodegradable properties.


              Our Advantages:

              Product Development and Customization:
              We possess the capabilities for product development and customization to meet specific industry needs.

              Powder Grinding Equipment and Technology:
              Equipped with advanced powder grinding equipment and technology for high-quality PVA powder production.

              Extensive Categories and Specifications:
              We offer a diverse range of PVA powder categories, complete with various specifications and models, suitable for a multitude of fields.


              Packing & Storage:

              Packaging: 25 kg valved multilayer paper bags.
              Shelf Life: Guaranteed shelf life when stored in a closed and undamaged package.
              Storage Conditions: Must be protected from sun, rain, fire, moisture, static electricity, open flame, and sparks during transportation and storage.


              For further inquiries or detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

              Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder (PVA Powder)


              This information is based on our present state of knowledge.It is intended for public introduction of our products and their uses. This description should not be construed as a guarantee of the products specific properties or serviceability for a particular application.



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