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              Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

              This white powder is derived from natural plants through a process of modification, high etherification, and spray drying. Exhibits excellent rapid thickening ability coupled with a certain degree of water retention.

              Product Description


              White powder



              Hydroxypropyl content(%)








              ● Very good rapid thickening ability, with a certain degree of water retention;

              ● Low dosage, extremely low dosage can achieve high results;

              ● Improve the anti sliding ability of materials;

              ● Improve the operational performance of the material, making the operation smoother.

              ● Extend the opening time of materials;



              1. Construction industry

              (1) Interior and exterior wall putty powder

              (2) Ceramic tile adhesive, insulation board adhesive, wall tile joint filler

              (3) Insulation mortar, plastering mortar, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, dry mixed mortar

              (4) It can significantly improve the sagging and sliding resistance of mortar

              2. Paper industry: Hydroxypropyl starch is used for internal and surface sizing of paper, with bright printing ink and smooth adhesive film, which can reduce ink consumption.

              3. Textile manufacturing: it can be used as warp size to improve wear resistance and weaving efficiency during weaving, and can be used as printing thickener.

              4. Pharmaceutical industry: It can be used as a disintegrating agent for tablets and a plasma extender.

              5. In terms of drilling, it can stabilize the wellbore, improve wellbore conditions, and have functions such as anti collapse and flocculation of drilling cuttings.

              6. Daily chemical industry: used as an adhesive, suspending agent, and thickener in cosmetics.dhesive film, which can reduce ink consumption.


              Packing & storage

              Packed in 25 kg valved multilayer paper bags

              Guaranteed shelf life in closed and undamaged package

              It should be protected from sun and rain, fire, moisture, static electricity, open flame and sparks when transportation and storage.


              This information is based on our present state of knowledge.It is intended for public introduction of our products and their uses. This description should not be construed as a guarantee of the products specific properties or serviceability for a particular application.


              HPS- Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether


              Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether/Starch Ether

              Starch Ether, widely used in mortar and cement-based products, boasts exceptional thickening properties, enhancing the viscosity of mortar and improving its workability and anti-sagging characteristics.


              Key Features:

              Versatility in Formulation: Starch Ether is often combined with both non-modified and modified cellulose ethers to achieve optimal performance in neutral and alkaline systems.

              Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of additives commonly found in gypsum and cement products, including surfactants, HPMC, starch, and polyvinyl acetate, among other water-soluble polymers.

              Applications: Primarily used in hand-applied or machine-sprayed mortars, tile adhesives, grouts, and bonding agents, Starch Ether proves to be an indispensable ingredient in the construction realm.


              Performance Benefits:

              Exceptional Thickening: Starch Ether offers rapid thickening capabilities, improving material consistency and reducing the risk of sagging.

              Low Dosage, High Impact: Even at minimal amounts, Starch Ether delivers remarkable results, making it a cost-effective choice.

              Enhanced Sliding Resistance: The addition of Starch Ether increases the sliding resistance of materials, improving overall performance.

              Extended Open Time: Starch Ether contributes to prolonged material open times, offering greater flexibility during application.


              Quality Enhancement in Dry Mix Mortars:

              Starch Ether is a key player in dry mix mortar formulations, providing unique qualities such as:

              Prevention of thick layer sagging, ensuring superior adhesion in tile bonding applications.

              Delayed setting time, allowing for extended workability.

              Stable water retention even in varying temperatures, improving overall mortar consistency.

              Rapid thickening for improved flow properties, particularly beneficial in spray mortars and plastering applications.

              Effective prevention of mortar layer separation, making it an excellent choice for self-leveling mortars.


              Unique Characteristics:

              Starch Ether stands out due to its remarkable properties, including:

              Thickening ability in solution.

              Excellent water solubility.

              Stability in suspensions or gel solutions.

              Colloid protection.

              Film-forming behavior.

              Water retention.

              Adhesive properties.

              Non-toxic and odorless.

              These characteristics make Starch Ether a versatile and sought-after ingredient in various industries such as construction, detergents, textiles, paper, food, cosmetics, and coatings.


              Why Choose Our Starch Ether:

              Premium Quality: Our Starch Ether is derived from natural plant sources through advanced modification processes.

              Customization: Tailored solutions based on your specific application needs.

              Cost-Effective: Achieve superior results with minimal product usage.

              For wholesale orders and inquiries, feel free to contact us. We are eager to discuss how Starch Ether can elevate the performance of your construction materials.



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