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              High temperature in summer, precautions for putty construction!!

              High temperature in summer, precautions for putty construction!!


              1. Ensure good bottom treatment

              Dry - base moisture content less than 10%

              Weak alkali - pH value should not exceed 10

              Firm - The base layer should be firm, free from cracking, powder shedding, sanding, hollowing, peeling, lime burst points, and old coatings with poor adhesion.

              Cleaning - The base layer should be clean, with no dust, laitance, oil stains, rust spots, mold spots, salt precipitates, and moss on the surface.

              Leveling - The surface of the base layer should be flat, with vertical facades, vertical internal and external corners, square and without missing edges or corners, and the depth of the dividing joints should be consistent and horizontal and vertical. The allowable deviation should meet the requirements and the surface should be flat and not smooth.


              High temperature in summer, precautions for putty construction!!


              2. hydrotherapy treatments to eliminate the impact of high temperature and dryness

              In a high-temperature and dry environment, for the construction of exterior wall putty, a matching interface agent can be used to seal the substrate, or the wall can be moistened with clean water two hours in advance before the putty construction. After each batch of putty is scraped and dried, it can be cured with clean water.

              Mix according to the recommended ratio, let it stand for ten minutes to ripen, and then mix again for use.

              It is recommended to prepare and use the putty as needed, and it is recommended to use the prepared putty within 1.5 hours.

              Avoid construction in high temperature environments and strong direct sunlight.

              During high temperature weather, a little more water can be added without affecting the batch viscosity to alleviate the problem of product drying too quickly during construction.


              High temperature in summer, precautions for putty construction!!


              3. rainy and humid days require patience

               It is recommended to extend the construction interval according to the environmental humidity situation to ensure sufficient curing of each coating, thereby reducing rework and repair.

              Adopt the method of multi-layer thin coating, and extend the curing time and do a good job of ventilation after each layer of construction. If necessary, use exhaust fans to increase air flow.

              Regarding the construction of interior wall putty, if waterproof putty is used, it needs to be polished in a timely manner after the last layer of putty is dry. The interval from batch scraping to polishing shall not exceed 48 hours.


              High temperature in summer, precautions for putty construction!!

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